B1 TV features Integru.org Review 8, with a live intervention by minister Ecaterina Andronescu (offending author)

Robert Turcescu from B1 TV, on his show “Sub semnul intrebarii” today, presented the Integru.org misconduct Review 008 of A. Ioachim, E. Andronescu (minister of research) et al. A recording is available online at:


The guests of the show are:

- Professor Mihai Ungureanu,
- Mr Dan Andronic (chief editor at Evenimentul Zilei newspaper),
- Mr Ion Cristoiu (analyst),
- Ms Laura Stefan (anti-corruption expert), via telephone.

The highlighted and annotated documents from Integru.org are shown and discussed, and so are the answers from the 4 international experts.

Ecaterina Andronescu also has a live intervention via telephone. She appears to misunderstand at first that this is another misconduct case that involves her, different than the previous Review 006. After she is made aware of this fact, she refutes all accusations. She admits she had not consulted the Integru.org website.

We strongly recommend everyone to watch this informative episode!

The show discussed at great lengths not just the misconduct itself, but also the implications that this and the other misconduct cases have for the Romanian research and education and for the image and reputation of Romania abroad, the impact on the public and young students, etc., all very important aspects of the Integru.org fight for defending academic integrity and ethical values.