Wellbeing Volunteering Form

Thank you very much for showing interest in volunteering with us. This volunteering form is particularly related to experienced or qualified wellbeing practitioners and group facilitators.

Volunteering for this position will take place in one of the two addresses below:

1) White House – Dartington
Postcode TQ9 6EB (Please find full directions here)

This is an invitation only event. Refugees, asylum seeker and other UK residents who joined our previous programs continue to meet at White House from 11am-4pm on the first Saturday of every month. People will be bringing their families to these events.

There will be two time slots for activities on the day:

  • From 11:15 – 12:45 (1.5 hr long)
  • From 2:30-3:30 (1 hr long)

The activities are needed to help people:

  1. Build resilience
  2. Build confidence
  3. Manage stress
  4. Improve general wellbeing and lifestyle
  5. Build connection with self, other or the land
  6. Learn new life skills
  7. Have a creative, fun or relaxing time
  8. Activities for children

Kinsman room (upstairs), Sherwell Church, North Hill
Plymouth PL4 8ER

This is a weekly support group for men that we run in collaboration with the Racial Equality Council. It runs on the first three Wednesdays of every month from 4:00pm-6:00pm. People on this group are likely to be vulnerable and socially isolated. The focus of the group is mainly to help people build resilience and manage stress, yet any of the areas mentioned under the Dartington section will also be relevant in terms of helping them overcome their life difficulties without going deep into their traumas, previous journeys and life challenges.

Volunteer sessions on this group range between 1 hr – 1.5 hour (You can also offer more than one consecutive sessions if required)



There might be other people who volunteered for the same slots your chose. We will get in touch with you soon to confirm the final dates and times that your kind offer has been allocated to.

Many thanks once again. Your involvement makes a huge difference in the lives of people we work with.

Attention: You can only guarantee that your form has been submitted if you can see a summary page with the information you entered. This page should appear automatically after you press the Submit button. If this page didn’t show means that you have to re-enter the data and submit them again.