Based in South Devon, Integr8 UK is a not for profit social enterprise (*) that enables uprooted people of all cultures in the UK to belong and create a positive change in their own lives and the world.


We envision a world that is more conscious, compassionate, purposeful, prosperous, sustainable, empowering, diverse and inclusive, where people are able to:

  • Uncover and develop their potential and share their unique gifts
  • Live their purpose and create a positive difference the world
  • Live consciously and in harmony with others and the environment
  • Create meaning in their own lives and the lives of others while doing work they are passionate about


To help people realise their true potential and develop the clarity, confidence, tools, skillset, community and professional network they need to start leading a purposeful life.



We believe that in living our purpose and sharing our diverse gifts we develop meaningful lives, enrich our communities and actively participate in the evolution of humanity.



  1. Enableuprooted people across cultures to realise their potential and purpose, and develop their inner capacity and skillset.
  2. Enableuprooted change makers across cultures to actualisetheir purpose and create positive change in the world
  3. Enable belonging,social integration and community cohesion
  4. Reframe migration



The word Integr8 is an invitation to come back to wholeness where both inner and outer lives are authentically aligned. This shapes our holistic and person-centred approach to the way we design, strategise and deliver our work in order to enable people to achieve:

  • Inner integration, by aligning the fragmented pieces of who they are to form an authentic and fully realised version of who can they become. With that we focus on enabling people build their inner capacity. 
  • Outer integration, by grounding the new version of who they are into a fertile environment (social and professional) that contributes to the actualization of their life purpose. For that we collaborate with other organisations and networks to enable people to secure meaningful opportunities that can shape this fertile environment.

A not for profit social enterprise is a business which has a social or environmental purpose as well as a commercial purpose. It can make surplus that will principally be reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than maximising profit for shareholders and owners.