The Project

Imagine not being…
… familiar with even one single person where you live
able to work, secure a home or buy food. Any food
sure you won’t be sent back to a country where you fear persecution or death

This is the daily reality faced by asylum seekers awaiting decision from the Home Office. With some asylum applications taking up to 20 years to be processed, with no income, support and sometimes no accommodation during that time, asylum seekers live in isolation and understandably struggle to survive.

Leaving HomeWhilst many refugees see their struggle ending when they arrive at the host country, the reality is that the struggle simply changes to one where their life is on hold and their future uncertain.

In extreme cases in the UK, applications can take up to 20 years to process, during which asylum seekers can lose their accommodation, financial support, sense of safety, identity and hope.

They are likely to suffer from trauma, deep stress and emotional disturbance, mental illness, fear and social isolation and low self-esteem.

The sad result is they lose touch with life meaning and purpose and experience a devastating sense of loss and hopelessness.

Saif Ali, a health and life coach who also is a refugee in the UK and now lives in Devon, founded Embracing Refugees.

Knowing the hardship of their existence, Saif started the project to help refugees in South Devon to build resilience and overcome the social isolation and the hardship caused by their challenging journey.

Check out what we do to help refugees and asylum seekers and see how you can contribute to our mission.