I was an asylum seeker when I participated in the Integr8 program, I remember when Saif asked me about my expectations from the program I didn’t expect the outcome. With every session I started to notice that I forgot who I am when I became an asylum seeker, I forgot that I have skills, experience, qualifications, I even forgot that I’m a person. He reminded me of all that.


These simple and creative activities in a friendly environment have dug very deep inside to remind us who we really are. We are not our situation because we didn’t have a choice in that. But we are people who have capabilities, skills, ambitions and lots more to offer for this world.


Asylum seeking process makes you feel unworthy because you cannot make your own living which makes you feel broken. We certainly need people to see us as unique and skilled individuals not just a group of helpless people who have problems and waiting for a decision.

This program certainly has changed how I see myself, which by time can change how people see me.

I now know that my dream is to create a world that embraces justice and equality, and I want to use my natural abilities in communication, persuasion and critical thinking to link between multicultural organisations and help them promote diversity, equality and justice.


Wonderful, I started with the word which describes the most. It was a very good experience be part of this amazing course.  In this journey where I have been through very taught moments, I couldn’t find myself, I lost motivation and in this course the content around identify my personal strengths, my talents and skills left me with set of clarity and confidence. Created with a great learning environment the course gave me a high energy of motivation, increasing my personal awareness as I found my passion of helping others with my communication skill. I discovered that we all have a potential and something to give to the world. We are all value where ever we are. It was a life changing impact on my own behaviours and my interactions with people. Personally I  believe that I found the  path of the purpose of my life.   I am very grateful because now I can say that I love work with people not for people and   I feel in charge of my life Known myself again, since then a made a personal and tangible commitment to take my life to a great level. Thanks I continue developing myself and with the big support of Integra8 UK.

If I could wish anyone as a migrant anything in his or her lifetime it would be to make this journey with Integr8 UK, you will be forever grateful.

Jury Arevalo



t was good opportunity to get to know  about  different cultures and  making new friends..
Having good Times around these wonderful people , changed me so much to be come better person and working with groups and one in one  I had so much fun .
I’m more open to new people  also learnt about there cultures , I find myself lucky to be part of the team I loved it .
Every thing was well organised by the team every one showed
respect ,kindness ,caring, happy ,generous and many more good things …again Saif
Thank you for everything .
Best wishes