“Saif is a joy to talk to, he is passionate about the ways in which the body can enable anyone, with a desire to achieve it, a sense of grounding in spite of the cumulative pressures often associated with modern living. And with the exercises he introduced at the workshop, I was amazed at how well people responded. There was no shyness or distrust, instead, Saif seemed to have a natural gift for welcoming people into their comfort zones as opposed to out of them. I think a lot was taken away from that particular session, even if it was just from the energy and the smiles that Saif appeared to give the group, But what I felt was also offered, was encouragement for each person involved to explore more outside their common rituals and reconsider their usual approach to stress. What the workshop had been successful in demonstrating, was the potential for simple grounding techniques that the body can use, in order to enrich our daily lives.” Matthew