Talks and Conversations

Identity – The Big Picture

This talk is suitable for

  • Diversity and Inclusion conferences and events
  • University students
  • School and college students

In this 2-hour interactive workshop, Saif Ali, founder of Integr8 UK and TEDx speaker, will help participants:

  • Explore the single and global identity of an uprooted person through the lens of purpose and belonging
  • Increase understanding of the challenges faced by uprooted people (BAME, displaced and migrants) in the UK
  • Challenge negative stereotypes and unconscious biases
  • Cultivate spirit of empathy, compassion and global citizenship
  • Think of practical solutions to create inclusive communities in the 
“Saif’s talk was fantastic. His use of smaller group workshops combined with reflecting on his own personal and work experience helped bring the learning together to increase empathy and deeper understating around the topic of identity and uprootedness.
His bravery in sharing his personal experience gave incredible insight on the individual challenges faced by uprooted people in the UK and his creative use of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs helped to zoom out and tackle the wider issue.
I would highly recommend Saif’s talk, thank you very much for sharing your life lessons with us.”
Will Jones,
Plymouth Students for Global Health education secretary and international SCOPH liaison officer.

On Identity

This talk is suitable for
Uprooted people (BAME, displaced, migrants) who seek meaning in their life and want to create positive change yet lack the motivation and guidance:

In this 1-day interactive motivational workshop, Saif Ali, founder of Integr8 UK, purpose coach and cross-cultural facilitator, will help participants:

  • Explore their identity, purpose and their place in the world
  • Reframe their approach to life challenges to one of possibility rather than one of limitation
  • Identify clear, achievable goals to move their life forward and in line with their values and life purpose
  • Create meaningful friendships with like-minded participants

“These simple and creative activities in a friendly environment have dug very deep inside to remind us who we really are. We are not our situation because we didn’t have a choice in that. But we are people who have capabilities, skills, ambitions and lots more to offer for this world.

By the end of the session I started to notice that I forgot who I am, I forgot that I have skills, experience, qualifications, I even forgot that I’m a person. This workshop reminded me of all that.

This workshop certainly changed how I see myself, which by time can change how people see me.”