In collaboration with the Racial Equality Council and the Asylum Seekers and Refugees Mental Health Team in Plymouth, we have formed peer support groups for men and women to help them:

  • Build community and overcome isolation
  • Manage the day to day stress through learning about certain body exercises, breathing techniques, food impact and creating a lifestyle and investing in a mindset that can make life a bit easier.
  • Connect with a vision for their future
  • Expand their approach to life beyond their life limitations
  • Set achievable goals to keep them motivated
  • Find volunteering opportunities where they can do things to nourishes their being
  • Manage financial difficulties

The groups run fortnightly at Sherwell Church in Plymouth.

If you are a Plymouth resident BME person and interested in joining any of these groups please contact us on

Men’s Meeting Dates
10th, 24th Feb
9th, 23rd March
6th, 20th April
11th, 25th May
1stth, 15th, 29th June
13th, 27th July
10th, 24th August
7th, 21st September
5th, 19th October ( Evaluation & lunch)

Women’s Meeting Dates
16th Feb
1st, 15th March
5th, 19th April
3rd, 17th May
7th, 14th June
5th,19th July
2nd August
6th, 20th September
4th, 18th October  ( Evaluation & lunch)