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DartingtonllThe Dartington Hall Trust is a delivery partner whom we run our cross-cultural events in collaboration with.

RECPlymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council is a charity working across Plymouth, Exeter and Devon to promote equality of opportunity and towards eliminating racial discrimination. Integr8 UK works closely with the PDREC to coordinate and facilitate inclusive community events that bring people from different cultural backgrounds together.

TERN (The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network) is a social enterprise that supports refugee entrepreneurs in the creation and development of their businesses, providing services throughout three stages of entrepreneurial process: business exploration, business start-up and business growth.  Integr8 UK partners with TERN to facilitate training and business incubation for their business exploration programme.



Food In Community is a social enterprise that aims to reduce food waste and promote conscious and sustainable food consumption in South Devon. They have been working alongside us in offering regular fresh fruit and vegetables to our cross-cultural events. This collaborative relationship soon evolved to become a key partnership around running an annual multi-cultural event in Totnes that aims to promote diversity and build social and cultural bridges among local groups and individuals of different backgrounds.



BBT&D is a living library of resources to enable communication between local people interested to offer and co-ordinate sustained, ambitious or low-key, local initiatives to support asylum seekers and refugees in the South West. We collaborate with BBT&D to rally support for the specific needs that refugees and asylum seekers urgently require.