1. Empowerment:We are constantly being given the choice to become who we truly are, yet wesometimesmiss this opportunity due to overwhelming life challenges or a primal need to fit in.  We reminduprooted people of this choice by holding up a mirror to their potential and whole, authentic selves toenable them to take leadership of their lives.
  2. Possibility: When we refuse to be defined by adversity, we begin to see possibilities where previously there were none.Our work is about turning obstacles into a fuel for growth.
  3. Purpose: We live our purpose when we experience our uniqueness and share it with others. This enriches meaning in our life and the world around us. We enable uprooted people to uncover their unique gifts, actualise their purpose and create a better world.
  4. Belonging: We need to feel rooted in order to bring forth our gifts. Belonging is essential not only to our thriving but to our very surviving and safety, hence we emphasise creating spaces and opportunities where people feel truly connected to themselves, their community and the planet.
  5. Compassion: Without compassion neither humanity nor the planet can survive. We cultivate the spirit of compassion in all what we do in order to arouse it in others.
  6. Global Citizenship: Each one of us forms a piece of one grand continent called the human race. When we see ourselves as part of something greater we start tapping on a consciousness of unity than one of separation.
  7. Small Is Beautiful: Our approach favours impact over scale. We work with small groups over time to create spaces where deep and lasting transformation can happen.
  8. Sustainable Change: We take a long-term regenerative approach to change, balancing current world needs with those of future generations.