Our Programmes

On Purpose

This comprehensive self-discovery, social entrepreneurship and leadership programme is suitable for change makers from different cultural backgrounds who want to create a positive difference in their own lives and the world.

The programme will help you develop the motivation, clarity, confidence, tools, skills and professional network you need to turn your inspiring vision and plan into action.

You are qualified to apply for the programme if you:

  1. Have a good fluency in English
  2. Want to:
    1. Become an influential change maker
    2. Set up a sustainable social enterprise, purposeful business or community project
    3. Develop a compassionate leadership and global citizenship spirit

Program Outcomes

Through interactive activities, individual reflections, peer-to-peer and group discussions, fun games and challenging projects, this programme will help you develop your understanding, skills and confidence in the following areas:

  1. Identity and place in the world
    1. Deepen your awareness of your own identity and life purpose
    2. Increase your clarity on your deepest values, true passion and personal strengths
  2. Leadership and influence
    1. Uncover your leadership style and develop a compassionate leadership spirit
    2. Establish the foundation of becoming an influential change maker
  3. Social entrepreneurship and innovation
    1. Develop deep understanding of world challenges
    2. Develop essential social entrepreneurship skills and mindset to meet world’s needs and start taking action
  4. Community and networking: 
    1. Establish meaningful connections with people from different cultural backgrounds during the programme
    2. Expand your professional network by becoming part of a growing community of like-minded people


Follow-up Support

It is of our greatest interest to help you progress beyond our On Purpose programme. For that we commit ourselves to help you access longer-term professional development and support provided by other organisations to help you:

    1. Develop/ refine your ideas and plans while testing them
    2. Launch your project/ enterprise
    3. Advance your social entrepreneurial skills
    4. Advance your leadership skills


 Please contact us to learn about dates and details for upcoming programmes