Our Impact


Refugees, asylum seekers and migrants face various challenges. Through collaborating with other organisations and community groups we aspire to address the following challenges and create a positive impact on people’s lives and communities.

Challenge 1

Hopelessness, lack of motivation and deteriorating mental health state

Our Aim: Help people reignite their aspirations, hope and motivation for work and life. Also to help them turn struggles into opportunities.

Our Impact: Increased hope and motivation and willingness to make a positive change in their lives
“I learned to be positive in life and never give up no matter what. I was not ready to speak in front of my colleagues but I did it, so it was amazing. I feel great!” Chris

“I understand what holds me back from achieving my vision and learned what’s the difference between real limitation and excuses” Rana

Challenge 2

Disintegration of identity, Identity crisis and low self-esteem

Our Aim: Help people uncover their unique gifts and realise their true potential

Our Impact: Increased confidence and self-value, better ability to navigate/ overcome identity crisis
“I forgot who I am when I became an asylum seeker, I forgot that I have skills, experience, qualifications, I even forgot that I’m a person. This program certainly has changed how I see myself, which by time can change how people see me. ” Lilyan

“I know my self a bit more now and I have a clear vision of my future. I learned that I have passion for educating of women in my country and elsewhere. I have more positive thoughts bout life. I know now that I’m stronger than I believe and I can change my life to the way I want” Fatima

Challenge 3
Decay of ambition and purpose/ direction in life

Our Aim: Help people find clarity on their life direction, personal strengths, purpose and the difference they were born to make in the world

Our Impact: Avoid doing jobs that are less representative of people’s true potential or who they authentically are, increased passion for life and personal development.
“I now know that my dream is to create a world that embraces justice and equality, and I want to use my natural abilities in communication, persuasion and critical thinking to link between multicultural organisations and help them promote diversity, equality and justice” Zaina
“I learned much more about my personal strengths, my purpose and how to grow our experience in life. I’ve learned about my values, personality and my talents and how to improve my skills.” Rana

Challenge 4
Cultural polarisation and cultural shock

Our Aim: Help people learn about British culture and adapt positively to living and working in the UK

Our Impact: Increased confidence, easier and more effective engagement with the wider community


Challenge 5
Social isolation, lack of belonging, depression, anxiety and decaying communication skills, , prejudice, discrimination, hate crimes and incidents

Our Aim: Help people integrate successfully by engaging socially with the wider community.

Our Impact: Increased sense of confidence, wellbeing cultural resilience. This also contributes to social cohesion, reduction of prejudice, hate incident sand crimes and finally improved communication and language skills
“I was homesick for the past 10 years until I came to this weekend and found the sense of belonging that I always missed” Sylva
“I loved the way there was such a diverse cultural mix. The fact that everybody has such different lives, stories and backgrounds was moving. I learned a lot about cross- cultural communication, ways of life and dreams. It opened channels of connection between cultures, this is a pure source of joy, enrichment and deepening of human and cultural realities” Jill, Local person

Challenge 6
Decay of work skills, increasing gap in employability history, reduced chances of securing paid jobs, decreased self-confidence, increased depression and anxiety, dependency on Job Seekers Allowance and lack of motivation

Our Aim: Help people secure meaningful opportunities while doing work they are passionate about

Our Impact: Development of  relevant work experience and job skills, increased future employability and confidence, combating poverty and improved sense of wellbeing
“My asylum case was refused and I am facing deportation. My life is isolating and I was feeling I am dying every day in my room until today. I now feel alive and I have hope in life again. This is a life changing experience for me and there is a reason for me to stay as part of this world. I have a vision for my life and I feel I can make it happen.” Mary
“The Integr8 project is what refugees need when they come to a new country. It helped me make new connections and find hope and direction in life in the UK. Through the Integr8 programme I learned many work skills and I started volunteering in Plymouth and I learned how I can create a better life for myself and others. I feel part of the community and I have many friends. I now believe more in myself and I feel more confident and positive.” Serge

Challenge 7
Difficulty with accessing opportunity of professional engagement

Our Aim: Provide long-term support to continue biding on their career progress

Our Impact: Creating a long-lasting change
“I feel supported. It is easy to loose motivation when your case gets refused or become homeless. Meeting mentors regularly is helping me stay on the way” Serge
” This programme helped me find my path and the purpose of my life. I feel in charge of my life and I continue developing myself and with the big support of Integr8 UK.” Jury

Challenge 8
Lack of job opportunities, Low presence of responsible entrepreneurial thinking or sustainable businesses in society

Our Aim: Help people embody a responsible entrepreneurial mindset and embrace the spirit of sustainability while designing their future projects

Our Impact: Creating more revived communities with increasing number of employees or businesses that advocate for community development, economic growth or environmental protection. Also creating new job opportunities for local communities.
“I always thought that I want to work as a ‘pizza deliveryman, now I decided to open an Eritrean restaurant that give people jobs and bring cultural diversity to the city” Tamesghan