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Below is a list of our most popular programmes that we deliver in collaboration with our peer organisations in London, Bristol and Exeter.

Living and Working in the UK

1-day Training


2-day Integr8 Training




  • Uncover your personal strengths and innate potential
  • Rediscover your passions and awaken your life purpose
  • Clarify your career path and your role on it
  • Find motivation and increase your confidence
  • Develop essential work skills to increase your future employability
  • Gain more clarity on your future business ideas
  • Develop responsible enrepernotial attitude
  • Learn about British culture and develop your intercultural communication skills
  • Secure meaningful work experience and develop your work skills


By the end of this weekend people will:

  • Enjoy a relaxing weekend at Dartington estate
  • Participate in creative and fun activities and a nature walk in the beautiful gardens of Dartington
  • Connect with people from different backgrounds and make new friends
  • Attend our cross-cultural training on the first day were you will:
    • Learn about how culture affects the way we see the world
    • Learn about the visible and invisible aspects of culture which can lead to misunderstanding
      (body language-including greetings, eye contact, perceptions of time, space and values)
    • Explore cultural communication styles in the UK and around the world
    • Gain insight into how to avoid and manage misunderstandings in the UK, build social and cultural bridges and adapt positively to living and working in the UK