Integr8 TV

Integr8 TV is a personal development Youtube Channel that is dedicated to enrich the lives of refugees and asylum seekers with content that aim to help them establish a meaningful life in the UK beyond their real or perceived challenges.
From practical tips, to motivational and throughout provoking material, videos fall under three main categories:


  1. Revive: This category addresses wellbeing issues to help people build resilience and healthier body and mind.
  2. Integrate: Videos under this category share educational material about culture in the UK; including communication styles, customs and environment to support people with their integration journey.
  3. Thrive: This category focuses on motivating people to live a purposeful life and create a better world for themselves and others.  It also shares with them the practical tools they need to root this vision into their lives in the UK.

This project is still under progress. We aim to launch it by 1st April 20018. The launch will be announced on our social media pages, so connect with us and stay tuned!