Integr8 TV

Integr8 TV is a personal development and self-discovery Youtube channel that is dedicated to enrich the lives of people from different cultural backgrounds. The channel addresses both aspects of integration, the inner and the outer, and shares content to help people reach their potential and consciously lead a purposeful life in the UK.


From practical tips to thought-provoking content, Integr8 TV’s videos fall under the following categories:

  1. Motivation: This category focuses on motivating people to claim their dreams and visions for their futures and start living a purposeful life in the UK
  2. Personal Growth: Videos under this category aim to help people develop their life skills
  3. Career & Purpose: This category shares practical and inspirational videos to help people establish themselves professionally in the UK and create a better world for themselves and others
  4. Health & Wellbeing: This category addresses wellbeing issues to help people create healthier lives where their body, mind and spirit are well integrated
  5. Culture & Communication: Videos under this category share material about culture in the UK; including communication styles, customs and environment to support people with their cultural integration journey

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