Integr8 Training (Full Programme)

Integr8 is our signature programme. It is suitable for refugees and asylum seekers who want to integrate and start a meaningful life work experience in the UK.

The programme is designed to help participants find the motivation, clarity, tools, confidence, support and develop the skills they need to start making a positive difference in their life and the world by doing work they are passionate about. 

The training is delivered in either English language for participants who have a reasonable fluency in English, or Arabic language for participants who only speak Arabic.

Training Outcomes

By the end of the training you will:

  • Find motivation to make a positive start in your life in the UK
  • Gain more clarity on your career path and life goals
  • Create a map of possibilities to help you move forward with confident steps
  • Gain more clarity on who you are and the changes you want to make in the world
  • Identify your talents, skills and personal strengths
  • Increase your self-awareness and confidence
  • Increase your future employability
  • Develop transferable employability skills like:
    • Working collaboratively in groups
    • Effective planning and achieving real world results
    • Effective communication with teams or individuals from different backgrounds
  • Gather the essential information you need to write a strong CV that reflects your true potential
  • Learn about British culture and how to adapt positively to living and working in the UK
  • Learn the skills and knowledge needed to integrate effectively into your new community in the UK
  • Learn how to manage cultural change and navigate transition
  • Meet new people from different cultural backgrounds and make new friends
  • Receive follow support and regular updates to help you continue progressing in life and at work
  • Get connected to our growing network of support and diverse community
  • Receive our Integr8 Certificate of Attendance

What Our Participants Say

“These simple and creative activities in a friendly environment have dug very deep inside to remind us who we really are. With every session I started to notice that I forgot who I am when I became an asylum seeker, I forgot that I have skills, experience, qualifications, I even forgot that I’m a person. This program certainly has changed how I see myself, which by time can change how people see me. We are not our situation because we didn’t have a choice in that. But we are people who have capabilities, skills, ambitions and lots more to offer for this world. I now know that my dream is to create a world that embraces justice and equality, and I want to use my natural abilities in communication, persuasion and critical thinking to link between multicultural organisations and help them promote diversity, equality and justice” ~ Lilyan

Training Outline
This comperhensive programme addresses both the social (outer) as well as the personal (inner) dimensions of integration to help people lead a purposeful life in the UK while integrating into their new community. Through interactive activities, individual reflections, peer-to-peer and group discussions, fun games and challenges you will cover the following:

  • Day 1: Living and working in the UK
    • Learn about the British culture and communication style
    • Learn about the British work environment and customs
    • Learn how to embrace cultural differences without loosing the essence of your individuality
    • Learn how to deal with identity crisis and navigate cultural transition
  • Day 2: Get Motivated
    • Find the motivation you need to make an exciting and meaningful start in your life
    • Uncover your values and passions
    • Identify the difference you want to make in your community and the world
  • Day 3: Get Clear
    • Identify your personal strengths and gifts to the world
    • Learn how to effectively work in groups while embodying your strengths to solve real world problems
    • Create your SWOT map (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats)
  • Day 4: Get Ready
    • Identify your career path, goals and options
    • Identify your personal blocks and life challenges that hold you back from reaching your goals
    • Identify the actions you need to take to navigate your limitations and start shaping your future
  • Day 5: Get Started
    • Create a personal statement that reflects your true potential and your current life mission. This is to be used in your CV’s covering letter
    • Learn strategic planning and prioritising
    • Create a career map to help you navigate transition and move forward with confident steps


  • Training duration: Each day is 7-hours long with many breaks and energising activities
  • Time: Each day starts at 9.15 am  and finishes at 4.30pm
  • Facilitator: The programme is facilitated by Saif Ali, founder of Integr8 UK, a qualified coach and group facilitator. You can read more about Saif Ali here
  • Food & Drinks: There will be vegetarian meals, snacks and drinks available