The Integr8 Training

Message for organisations: The training below runs exclusively under our Integr8 Programme. That said, creative collaboration is in the heart of our values; hence we take pleasure in working with other refugee-support agencies around the UK to customise our programmes to meet their specific needs. To learn more about how can we support you please contact us via this link

This employability and self-discovery training is suitable for refugees and asylum seekers who are reasonably fluent in English and wanting to integrate and start a meaningful life work experience in the UK.

The programme is designed to help you find the motivation, clarity, and confidence you need to start making a positive difference in your life and the world while doing work you are passionate about. 

> > > The training runs as part of our Integr8 programme that also includes attending a cross-cultural retreat, receiving one-to-one career coaching and individualised mentoring, and work experience placement. For details about the full programme please visit this link

Training Outcomes

This comprehensive training addresses both the social (outer) as well as the personal (inner) dimensions of integration to help you lead a purposeful life in the UK while integrating into your new community. Through interactive activities, individual reflections, peer-to-peer and group discussions, fun games and challenges you will:

  • Find motivation to make a positive start in your life in the UK
  • Gain more clarity on your career path and life goals
  • Gain more clarity on your current life purpose the difference you are able to make in the world
  • Identify your talents, skills and personal strengths
  • Identify the right role on your career path that aligns with your innate potential and life purpose
  • Create a map of possibilities and resources to help you move forward with confident steps
  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Uncover your leadership style
  • Develop a purposeful entrepreneurial spirit
  • Develop transferable employability skills like:
    • Working collaboratively in groups
    • Effective planning and achieving real world results
    • Problem solving skills
    • Effective communication with teams or individuals from different backgrounds
  • Increase your future employability
  • Gather the essential information you need to write a strong CV that reflects your true potential
  • Learn about British culture and how to adapt positively to living and working in the UK
  • Learn the skills and knowledge needed to integrate successfully into your new community in the UK
  • Learn how to manage cultural change and navigate identity crisis
  • Meet new people from different cultural backgrounds and make new friends
  • Receive follow-up support to help you continue progressing in life and at work
  • Get connected to our growing network of support and diverse community
  • Receive our Integr8 Certificate of Participation

Integr8 Training_Integr8 UK_Saif Ali Integr8 Training_Integr8 UK_Saif Ali Integr8 Training_Integr8 UK_Saif Ali Integr8 Training_Integr8 UK_Saif Ali
 Integr8 Training_Integr8 UK_Saif Ali Integr8 Training_Integr8 UK_Saif Ali 

What Our Participants Say

“These simple and creative activities in a friendly environment have dug very deep inside to remind us who we really are. With every session I started to notice that I forgot who I am when I became an asylum seeker, I forgot that I have skills, experience, qualifications, I even forgot that I’m a person. This program certainly has changed how I see myself, which by time can change how people see me. We are not our situation because we didn’t have a choice in that. But we are people who have capabilities, skills, ambitions and lots more to offer for this world. I now know that my dream is to create a world that embraces justice and equality, and I want to use my natural abilities in communication, persuasion and critical thinking to link between multicultural organisations and help them promote diversity, equality and justice” ~ Lilyan