The Integr8 Programme



This self-discovery, employability and integration programme is suitable for people who want to start leading a purposeful life and work experience in the UK. You are qualified to apply for the programme if you:

  1. Identify as an asylum seeker, refugee or migrant
  2. Have a reasonable fluency in English
  3. Seeking clarity on your career path and your role on it
  4. Seeking clarity on your life purpose and the difference you are able to make in the world
  5. Wanting to build work experience and develop your personal strengths and skills
  6. Wanting to increase your future employability
  7. Interested in developing a purposeful entrepreneurial mindset that cares for society, economy and the environment.
  8. Interested in understanding the British culture and developing your cross-cultural communication skills
  9. Interested in increasing your self-confidence or discovering your leadership style
  10. Interested in building a strong CV and interview skills
  11. Interested in meeting new people and making friends

By applying for the programme you will:

  1. Secure a place on our Integr8 Training: this 5-day employability and self-discovery training will help you find the motivation, clarity and confidence you need to start making a positive difference in your life and the world while doing work you are passionate about. Read full details about our Integr8 training here.

  2. Attend Our 2-day cross-cultural retreat: Situated in the beautiful state of Dartington, this residential weekend will help you develop your confidence and intercultural skills to build social and cultural bridges with British people and others from different cultural backgrounds. Read full details about our cross-cultural retreats here.

  3. Receive career and purpose coaching: After finishing the personal development training and attending the retreat you will receive one-to-one coaching to help you:
    1. Identify the right career path that aligns with your life vision and the difference they want to make in the world
    2. Identify the right role for you on your career path that aligns with your innate potential and life purpose
    3. Create a career plan to help you take confident steps on your career journey
    4. Build a personal profile that is representative of your true potential. This can be a rich source to help you write a strong CV in the future
  1. Receive ongoing mentoring:  You will also be allocated two mentors who will work with you over period of 3 months to help you:
      1. Secure meaningful meaningful work experience to help you develop your work skills and increase your future employability.
      2. Find other professional development courses to help you advance your job-related knowledge and skills
      3. Connect with community groups and activities to help you meet like-minded people and expand your social network
      4. Find motivation and encouragement to pursue your dreams and continue to progress

By the end of the programme participants will receive our Integr8 Certificate of Participation.


We run this programme in collaboration with our main partners Mega Reach, Open Doors International Language SchoolOn Course South West, Students for Global Health PlymouthThe Darlington Hall Trust and other peer organisations.



  • Dates: Please contact us to learn about dates of the upcoming programme
  • Address: Open Doors International Language School – Plymouth
  • Training duration: Each day is 7-hours long, starting at 9.15 am and finishing at 4.30pm, with many breaks and energising activities.
  • Facilitator: The programme is facilitated by Saif Ali, founder of Integr8 UK, a qualified coach and group facilitator. You can read more about Saif Ali here
  • Food & Drinks: There will be vegetarian meals, snacks and drinks available