Our Story : Our Founder


Integr8 UK was founded in 2015 by Saif Ali, a former refugee from Iraq, right after receiving his leave to remain and inspired by his 18-year journey of seeking asylum

During those 18 years, Saif navigated the adversity of displacement, poverty, discrimination,  severe illness and homelessness, and experienced a profound disintegration of his personal identity and aspirations. Despite all this, he persevered and came to realise that rather than being a curse these obstacles had been opportunities for growth and even gifts in disguise.

This shift in perception enabled him to turn the challenges of being uprooted into a birthplace for authenticity and the starting point of a quest for self-actualisation and meaning. Here his journey shifted from seeking asylum to seeking purpose. This realisation shaped the mission and work of Integr8 UK.

Saif Ali, is a visionary social entrepreneur and director, speaker and group facilitator at Integr8 UK. He studied at many leading institutes in social change and sustainable development like the Schumacher CollegeSchool of Social Entrepreneurs, Embercombeand Ministry of Entrepreneurship and qualified as a group facilitator and coach.

Saif dreams of a world enriched by the unique gifts and diverse experiences that each one of us carry. His mission is to enable people from all cultures in the UK to realise their potential and gifts and actualise their life purpose, beyond their limitations.

As a public speaker, he spoke on many esteemed stages including TEDx. You can watch his 2017 TEDxTotnes talk From Seeking Asylum to Seeking Purpose‘, where he shared how his earlier life expereince in Iraq and asylum journey in Jordan and the UK gave birth to his current life mission.

As a creative, Saif is a passionate filmmaker, photographer and artist. You can find out more about him on www.withsaifali.com.