Cross-cultural Retreats

crossculturalWe run this cross-cultural retreat and training in collaboration with our partner Dartington Hall Trust. The residential and retreat format allows people to step out of their stressful lifestyle to explore a kinder aspect of life and have a greater opportunity to deepen their connections with each other.

The training will be delivered in the mornings of each days by Jane Silver, language and intercultural trainer. With a maximum capacity of 16 participants, the training is attended by refugees, asylum seekers and other UK residents to help them build intercultural communication skills and social and cultural bridges, so they feel confident enough to startup the early phase of integration and adapt to living and working in the UK.

By the end of this weekend people will:

  • Enjoy a relaxing weekend at Dartington estate
  • Participate in creative and fun activities and a nature walk in the beautiful gardens of Dartington
  • Connect with people from different backgrounds and make new friends
  • Attend our cross-cultural training on the first day were you will:
    • Learn about how culture affects the way we see the world
    • Learn about the visible and invisible aspects of culture which can lead to misunderstanding
      (body language-including greetings, eye contact, perceptions of time, space and values)
    • Explore cultural communication styles in the UK and around the world
    • Gain insight into how to avoid and manage misunderstandings in the UK, build social and cultural bridges and adapt positively to living and working in the UK



RESIDENTIAL TRAINING: To be confirmed (Attended by Refugees, asylum seekers and other UK residents) [Check out directions to White House here]