Career Coaching and Mentoring


Career & Purpose Coaching

After attending our Integr8 training, participants receive a focused one-to-one coaching session to help them:

  • Identify the right career path that aligns with their life vision and the difference they want to make in the world
  • Identify the right role for them on their career path that aligns with their innate potential and life purpose
  • Create a career plan to help them take confident steps on their journey of transition
  • Build a personal profile that is representative of their true potential. This can be a rich source to help people write strong CVs in the future

Individualised Mentoring

It is of our greatest interest to help people progress on their career path after attending our Integr8 program. For that we co-created a mentoring programme with our partner organisation Mega Reach to offer long-term and individualised mentoring programme to enable participants to:

  • Secure meaningful work experience or volunteer opportunities
  • Find further personal or professional development courses
  • Secure access to advanced and  job-specific professional development courses
  • Learn interview skills and build strong CV’s that reflect their true potential
  • Secure relevant job offers
  • Find opportunities for social engagement with the wider community
  • Stay motivated throughout their journey of personal development
  • Find the right support to register themselves as sole trader (self-employed)
  • Find the right support to help them start-up their own businesses
  • Have a list of relevant resources and contacts to help them navigate their journey successfully