Career Coaching and Advice



After attending our 5-day Integr8 training, participants will receive a focused one-to-one coaching session to help them:


  • Identify the right career path that aligns with their life vision and the difference they want to make in the world
  • Identify the right role for them on their career path that aligns with their innate potential and life purpose
  • Find motivation and encouragement to pursue their dreams and shape a brighter future for themselves and others
  • Create a career plan to help them take confident steps on their journey of transition
  • Receive further support needed to navigate their next step. That includes:
    • Secure further personal or professional development courses
    • Find the right support to register themselves as sole trader (self-employed)
    • Find the right support to help them start-up their own businesses
    • Have a list of relevant resources and contacts to help them navigate their journey successfully
    • Access community local groups to help them stay connected to the wider community