Awareness Raising

Identity: The Big Picture

This talk is suitable for

  • Diversity and inclusion conferences and events
  • University, college or school students who are curious about or supportive of our cause

In this interactive talk, Saif Ali, founder of Integr8 UK and TEDx speaker, will help participants:

  • Explore the single and global identity of an uprooted person
  • Cultivate empathy and deeper understanding the challenges that uprooted people (BAME, multiracial, people of colour, displaced or migrants) face while experiencing marginalization or otherness in the UK
  • Explore uprooted people’s needs and desire to belong
  • Challenge negative stereotypes and unconscious biases
  • Replace victimhood mind-set with possibility mind-set as a way of empowering uprooted people
  • Explore taking positive action to create inclusive and compassionate communities in the UK

"Saif's talk was fantastic. His use of smaller group workshops combined with reflecting on his own personal and work experience helped bring the learning together to increase empathy and deeper understating around the topic of identity and uprootedness.His bravery in sharing his personal story gave incredible insight on the individual challenges faced by uprooted people in the UK and his creative use of Maslow's hierarchy of needs helped to zoom out and tackle the wider issue.I would highly recommend Saif's talk, thank you very much for sharing your life lessons with us."

~ Will Jones, Plymouth Students for Global Health education secretary and international SCOPH liaison officer.