Author: Integr8 UK

When our future visions get chained by our wounded pasts

A person with no vision for their future will stay trapped in their past. That’s what we invited people to explored in our last community gathering at Arts Lab on July 1st 2017, and what we witnessed on the day was rather shocking!

Different backgrounds, different dreams, one global family

In this month’s community gathering, 36 of our Integr8 family (from refugees, asylum seekers and other UK residents) came together to enjoy a series of indoor and outdoor activities that we organised in collaboration with Dartingto Hall Trust and Foxhole Community Garden. We started the day by exploring our dreams and hopes for ourselves, communities and the world  in a creative activity…

There is similarity behind our differences

On Saturday 7th January, we hosted our second monthly reunion event that we run in collaboration with Dartington Hall Trust. We had 49 people, including 4 volunteers and 3 group facilitators. As usual, people came form different cultural backgrounds including Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Congo, Eritrea, India, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Russia, England, Scotland and Ireland. In such a diverse environment, we…