featured again in Nature: Suspend Disbelief!

In this week’s editorial, Nature suggests to suspend disbelief. That is also our message to the public.

A general summary of the past few months is made, reminding of the Prime Minister and three Ministers of Research involved in plagiarism. They speak about the importance of the exposed scientific misconduct and the possible effect on public perception.

Experts on have reviewed the plagiarism of the current Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, here as well as two plagiarism cases of the current Minister of Research, Ecaterina Andronescu, here and here. The latter has been featured on TV for over 1h, with a live intervention by Andronescu.

This is the third time Nature has written about, the other two being about our launch and also about Review 005 of the plagiarism in the grant proposal that was asking for 465,000 euros of public funds.

Once again, we want to offer our warmest thanks to the international experts who agreed to review these cases out of a sense of duty and appreciation for science and the academic community. Any impact is primarily their merit.